If development is your passion, and you yearn to make a difference to the society through your profession, and if you integrate your career aspirations with the organizations objectives, then we can offer a career to you.

We are on look-out of the best in class candidates at the entry level, and experienced professionals who are on their career trajectory in sync with the organization’s objectives.

We emphasize on competencies related to key domain expertise & skills across various services that the organization offers.

The people work in project mode, seamlessly across domain expertise & skills on consultancy assignments, and thereby this approach provides opportunity to build ones’ career in multiple areas.

The Learning & Development Initiative (LDI) is a nine stage process for evolution of one’s career to reach to a stage of building technology, market and thought leadership.

Internship positions will be made available for the right candidates. The organization is probably one of the best training grounds for new entrants in an environment of group learning, as most of them are right there in the field applying theory to practice, well mentored by experts in small teams.

The job openings would be listed here. We also seek applications from prospective candidates, whom we would inform about such openings.

We strictly adhere to our human resource policy, and standard operating procedures.

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